07 Aug

B.A.R.T. – The Alfresco backup and recovery tool v0.1

Alfresco BART is a tool from Toni De La Fuente written in shell script on top of Duplicity for Alfresco backups and restore from a local file system, FTP, SCP or Amazon S3 of all its components: indexes, data base, content store and all deployment and configuration files.

Brief description of its features: full and incremental backups, backup policies, backup volume control, encryption with GPG, compression. Also it has a restore wizard with shortcuts for quick restore of some key components (alfresco-global.properties and more).

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05 Aug

200 downloads in 12 weeks of A.A.A.R. v1.3


200 downloads in 12 weeks of A.A.A.R. v1.3

More than 500 downloads since the first launch

the 15-th of January 2013


Thank you to all the people from all over the world, participating with suggestions, questions and feedback.

Below some numbers… because we like data analysis. 😉

769 manual downloads*
293 A.A.A.R. on PostgreSQL downloads*
257 A.A.A.R. on MySql downloads*
29 Cloud version downloads

Please, don’t stop to contact me helping to make the solution more complete day by day… for you!


(*) Source: A.A.A.R. website site on Google code

02 Aug

B.A.R.T. – The Alfresco backup and recovery tool soon at first Alpha release

Nice news from Toni De La Fuente (@ToniBlyx) that on twitter talks about an interesting new tool on alfresco.

First alpha version of the #Alfresco Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) is done, now writing documentation, will be released ASAP!!

We wait for it! 🙂

[Update of 07 August 2013] First released announced here.

01 Aug

Speaking at Alfresco Summit 2013 in Barcelona about A.A.A.R. … come to meet me!

2013-11-06 Alfresco - Speaking Barcelona

Next 5th-6th-7th of November in Barcelona come to the Alfresco Summit to see Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting solution. During the speech, the 6th of November, will be presented three different solutions including integrations between Alfresco and Open Source reporting tools like Pentaho.and JasperSoft.

At Alfresco Summit, you will discover how to put your content to work, collaborate beyond corporate walls and join our thriving community building new applications that transform the way great work is done in today’s organizations.

Want to know the complete agenda? Click here!

Want to see the speech page? Click here!

alfresco summit 2013