04 Jul

Alfresco roadmap for the next 12 months

roadmapAfter some requests from some users, the new Alfresco roadmap has been released in the official wiki. This roadmap doesn’t seems to be like the others of the past.

I read that the amount of topics are less than the past. By the way, each topic seems to be more detailed and “complete” (in the past most of the items were less specific than this). Comparing with the past roadmaps I can read a lot of “Enterprise only” in some important new features.

Have your own opinion reading the complete roadmap below.


5 thoughts on “Alfresco roadmap for the next 12 months

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    The most useful feature in my opinion:

    Next 6 Months
    Content Modeling End users with the appropriate rights will be able to define “property groups” (aspects) through a simple user interface without using XML.

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