15 Sep

A lesson from old Casino giants. The three key points of casino software development.

They say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and in the case of casino software developers, this could not be more true. As with other congested markets, innovation is key to being successful in the online casino industry, and to be able to bring something totally new to the market, one must look back at what has already been done before.

One cannot blame developers and operators for wanting to enter the online casino industry, as global projections have estimated that the industry will grow by 79% by the end of 2014. The market has been steadily growing, from earning $7.4 billion in 2003 to $37.6 last year. Casino software has undergone great changes since it was first launched in 1996, and it has become increasingly important to stay up to date on these changes.

Casino software developers have done well to build on the security measures pioneered by Cryptologic when they launched Intercasino in 1996. Advanced for its time, Cryptologic had been the first to develop a payment method that wasn’t just safe and secure, but also fast and reliable. To this day, a safe and secure payment method is still the first thing that players check when visiting an online casino. A great idea is to link your payouts to Paypal accounts, but idealware also has some great ideas for safely processing credit card payments.

Nobody likes playing the same games over and over again, and while every gamer will have a favorite slot game or a card them they’ll always fall back on, new games rake in the cash. This is the reason why some casino operators have resorted to developing and releasing new games every Wednesday – with great rewards. When developing new slots, vary the style and gameplay of each slot, making sure to create something for every kind of gamer imaginable out there.

Open Communication
Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of designing or upgrading software is user feedback. Many have debated the saying that “The customer is always right,” but when it comes to a heavily user-driven network like the online casino market, listening to user feedback is essential. Many casinos have, in the past, experienced sit-outs and protests, as they struggled to implement measures that their players were vehemently against. Of course, this also means striking a balance between giving customers what they want, and still making a profit.

Developers of casino software may think that there is very little they can offer to the next generation of gamblers, and the idea that everything has been done before may be truer than we’d like to admit. But by listening to customer feedback and building on already-established strengths, casino software could still be revolutionary.

Author bio
Brian James Smith has been an active player in online casinos since the dawn of the empire. While he has retired his hopes of ever winning big money in online gambling, he still continues to watch out for the latest updates from casino software developers from his Sin City apartment.