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CMIS queries on Alfresco CE 5.0.c


CMIS is the most important standard for ECM interoperability. Alfresco is compliance with CMIS 1.1 with Apache Chemistry and CMIS queries are one of the most powerful way to use this ECM. In this post is shared some tests on CMIS queries on the brand new Alfresco Community Edition v5.0.c.

Description of the test environment

I have already shared the test environment I prefer to test Alfresco and CMIS. This is composed by:

  • An Alfresco v5.0.c installation. In this case I use a vanilla installation with uploaded 10K documents.
  • A Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) v5.2 installation.
  • CMIS Input plugin for PDI to develop queries on Alfresco.

To understand how the CMIS Input plugin works, take a look at the demonstration page here.

Test 1 – CMIS query failing in Alfresco 5.0.b

The first test I would like to share, regards a locking bug I shared in this post. The good news is that the problem seems to be solved. Below the result of the same query, developed in the test environment.

CMIS test 1

As you can see, the problem seems to be solved and the execution runs fast (more than 260 rows per second).

Test 2 – No limit to 1,000 results in the same query.

Another problem I had in the past is the limit to 1,000 results to all the CMIS queries. If you are curious and want more details, take a look to this post. Using the same result of the previous test, we can see that there is no limit and this is the second good news.

CMIS test 2

Test 3 – The most simple query with limit to 1,000 results.

Now that we checked the old problems are solved, let’s take a look to other tests: the simplest query you’d think of.

select cmis:objectId from cmis:document

In this case the result stops to 1,000 rows even if the Open CMIS library tells that there is more results to retrieve. I don’t know if this is an expected result but seems to be a mix of behaviour: limits to results only in some cases. Below you can see the running query even if the results stop to 1,000.

CMIS test 3


Finally, the most critical bugs on CMIS queries seems to be solved and this is the good news. Unfortunately some behaviors (in particular  the limitation to 1,000 results) are still there in some unpredictable cases.

4 thoughts on “CMIS queries on Alfresco CE 5.0.c

  1. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,
    Might the difference in limit behaviour be related to the fact that some queries are executed by the data base itself while other are executed by SOLR. The simple query is probably being executed by the data base while, maybe the other, might be executed by SOLR.
    They might have removed or changed the limit in SOLR but not in the data base side.
    Does it make sense?

    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Igor,
      What you write has sense for sure!
      To share what you say with the others: Alfresco manages the queries between the DB and SOLR and (try to) optimize them.
      In some cases asking to the DB only, in some cases asking to SOLR only, in the other cases asking to both.
      Unfortunately I cannot say if this is the case or not… but could be!
      Thank you for your thought.

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