29 Dec

Learning Alfresco Web Scripts

Learning Alfresco WebscriptsIn this post I would like to submit to you the brand new book from Packt Publishing called Learning Alfresco Web Scripts by Ramesh Chauhan. The book is easy to read with its 182 pages, full of practical examples and portion of source code.

Alfresco web scripts are fundamentals to develop a real enterprise solution for the Customers. For this reason, having a complete (and updated) guide on how to understand and properly develop them, is the core of the success of a project.

In this book I have found a complete guide to the web scripts development, starting from the very beginning (what a web script is) to an advanced development (for example how to debug it). Everything without losing time (and words) with non useful concept and going straight to the core of the development.

I suggest this book to everyone that need to start an Alfresco project or want to understand how to approach it in the right way. A good job from Ramesh Chauhan, the reviewers and Packt Publishing.

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