07 Jan

A.A.A.R. v2.3 to analyze multiple installations of Alfresco

Want to analyze multiple installations of Alfresco? Starting from v2.3, A.A.A.R. is able to manage one, two, three or dozens of Alfresco installations without any specific limitations. To understand how, take a read to the documentation.


The key point is that you can set up all the multiple installations of Alfresco you have, simply adding one (or more) row on the ‘dm_dim_alfresco‘ table directly in the A.A.A.R. Data Mart. Once you have properly run the extraction from all the multiple installations of Alfresco, you can start analyzing your data as usual, using dashboards and reports.

With the A.A.A.R. v2.3, all the dashboards and reports have been re-developed to manage  all the multiple installations of Alfresco you would want to analyze.


One more time: thank you to the community and the ones that submit to me all the relevant suggestions from the use cases.

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