17 Jun

Hadoop Essentials – Review

In this post I would like to share my personal review about the recent book from Packt Publishing called Hadoop Essential by Shiva Achari.

Do you really know what Apache Hadoop is?
Are you sure to understand the meaning of “big data” in the real world scenario?
How big data storage issue and data warehouse issue meet Hadoop implementation?
Which are the main tools Apache Hadoop is based on?

If you completely don’t know (but you are interested in) or you want to have a clear and final picture of those topics (and probably much more) you should read this book.

Personally I find the first part ,about the introductory part about big data issue, very clear, rational and organized using patterns and examples. What I find very attractive is the clear presentation about storage solutions vs data warehouse solutions. We all know that big data issue is related to both the technological fields, but it’s not easy to find a clear representation of the issues and solutions. Well done Shiva!

After the description of the patterns and issues in real life examples, the discussion goes to the Apache Hadoop implementation of the big data architecture. This part of the book is full of examples (written in java) and the description of the Hadoop ecosystem is related to the description of the Hadoop tools with source code and examples. Words like HDFS, HBase, YARN, Zookeper, Ambari, Hive, Pig, won’t be a problem after reading this book. 😉

I think this is a nice book for developers and software architect with no relevant experience in big data and Apache Hadoop. Big data is definitely an IT buzzword but this book tries to make order in the today’s scenario, with an practical an interesting look at the Apache Hadoop implementation. I enjoyed reading this book and I think I will fix in my mind some of the initial descriptions of the introductory part that I find very rational and clear. Nice job, Shiva.

2 thoughts on “Hadoop Essentials – Review

  1. Avatar

    Thanks very much, Mr. Corti, for this review. Hopefully Packt Publishing will also thank you, because you might have helped them achieve another sale (pending my own skim-review at the bookstore stacks).

    • Francesco Corti


      Thank you for the feedback.
      I’ll tell them about your thought. 😉

      Please, after reading the book, I would be pleased if you will leave your opinion as a comment here.
      Personal opinions are always more attractive than marketing slogans. 😉

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