22 Jun

Hadoop for finance essentials – Review

In this post I would like to share my personal review about the recent book from Packt Publishing called Hadoop for finance essential by Rajiv Tiwari.

During the past months, many books have been published about Hadoop technology and for sure this is one of the most popular IT buzzword. Of course, the majority part of the books are for neophytes or people that want to know better the MapR solution and all the Hadoop ecosystem. From this point of view, this book could be classified as an introductory book to the solution architect and IT developers. This classification is clearly represented in the first part of the book (in particular in chapter 1 – Big data overview). 

From another point of view, that emerging technology for managing the big data issue (I apologize for the word “emerging” that in the case of Hadoop is not so correct) is always described in the most common scenarios where the Hadoop is considered stronger (healthcare, human science, telecom, ecc.). In this book the financial sector is the focus and the solutions are focused to solve the specific needs, with an technical point of view.

If you are looking for a pure developer’s book (and tutorial) I suggest to take a look to other nice books that Packt Publishing is releasing, but if you are looking for the most common patterns in architectural solutions for the specific fields of the financial sector, I think you should read this book.

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