11 Aug

[Update] Sparkl error on Pentaho with multiple modules

bugFew days ago I shared a post about an bug on Sparkl App builder for Pentaho 5.4 (more precisely on You can read the post here. Today I would like to share an update after the support from the Webdetails Team and the Meteorite.bi Team. Thank you from all the community.

Description of the test environment

Starting from a vanilla installation of Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS, the Oracle Java has been installed and used below. Pentaho BI server has been downloaded from Sourceforge and installed following this tutorial.

About the test 1 – Installation of the three modules

Repeating the test n.1 described here, the error is still present. After some tests, the Pentaho Dev Team suggested to take a look to the Saiku module and involved the Meteorite.bi Team.

Description of the solution

The Meteorite.bi Team solved, releasing a bugfixed version of the Saiku analytics v3.3 (Stable). The only attention to have, is to install the v3.3 (Stable) instead the default one (the v3.3-EE). Below a picture describing how to get the correct version of the module, directly in the Pentaho Marketplace.


Installing again the right version, the error is solved and you can use all the modules in your Pentaho environment.


In this post I share the solution to a conflict between Saiku module, Pivot4J Analytics module and A.A.A.R., on Sparkl App builder on Pentaho 5.4 (more precisely on This solution is based on the tests described here and submitted to my attention by the community. Thank you for that and please… don’t stop doing it. 😉

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