04 Nov

A.A.A.R. v4.0 major release

Some¬†months are gone from the latest A.A.A.R. release, but this doesn’t mean that things are not going ahead. ūüôā During the past months I received some concerns¬†about the¬†extraction performance. Today the¬†A.A.A.R. v4.0 is released with a couple of relevant features: the transparent authentication from Alfresco to Pentaho (using¬†the Pentaho Transparent Authentication plugin) and¬†the repository extraction significantly improved in performance.

Regarding the repository extraction, I’m going to publish the results of¬†some tests on a repository with¬†one milion of documents. I’m vary happy about the results and the relevant improvement respect¬†to the previous versions, definitely slower than this one.

Last but not least, are you curious to better understand how the¬†Pentaho Transparent Authentication plugin¬†works? If yes and you are close to London, don’t miss the next Pentaho Community Meeting.

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