16 Nov

CMIS Input plugin is confirmed as compliant with Pentaho


During the last days I had the time to test the CMIS Input plugin for Pentaho Data Integration on the latest version The CMIS Input plugin version is the latest: version 1.3. The results of the tests are that the latest version is confirmed as compliant to the brand new Pentaho release.

Below you can see the screenshot of the resulting transformation (the simplest you can develop) as detailed in the documentation. Of course the documentation is related to a previous version of Pentaho Data Integration and below the same transformation (developed exactly in the same way) with Pentaho Data Integration version


 For further requests about the plugin, please use the GitHub issue list.

3 thoughts on “CMIS Input plugin is confirmed as compliant with Pentaho

  1. Avatar


    I have installed CMIS plugin from the market place directly and I am using PDI 6 version. However, I cannot find the installed plugin in my Input steps?

    Can you please help me with this


  2. Francesco Corti

    Hi Padmini,

    Unfortunately Sourceforge changes its behaviour some days ago and this is affecting all the related downloads from Pentaho marketplace.
    You can download the module directly from Sourceforge and install it manually (simply unzipping it).
    During the next days I’ll fix this issue moving the download from Sourceforge to GitHub.
    Thank you for your feedback.

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