12 Oct

A.A.A.R. live long and prosper

logo-aaarIt was 2012 when I started to think, and then develop, Alfresco Audit Analytics and Reporting. In few words, the idea was to integrate Alfresco ECM with Pentaho, one of the most famous Open Source Business Intelligence Platform.

Since 2014, A.A.A.R. was released into the official Pentaho Marketplace and today it is at its 4th version, with several succesfull installations and positives feedbacks from both the Alfresco and Pentaho Communities. The counter says that around 20.000 downloads has been done from the Sourceforge repository, in less than three years… not bad, I say!


As you probably know, A.A.A.R. is completely Free of Charge, and I am (proudly) the principal developer. In other words, A.A.A.R. is a case of success, even if it is not an official solution developed and supported by Alfresco.

Starting from October 2016, I joined Alfresco (as a Company) with the role of Product Evangelist… and this is a nice stuff… but:

Which is the implications for the A.A.A.R. project?
Which is the future of the A.A.A.R. analytics solution?
Will A.A.A.R. became an official Alfresco thing?
Will I continue to support, maintain and evolve A.A.A.R.?

In this post I would like to clarify these questions, to avoid any misunderstanding connected to my new role.


The Developer (or Product) Evangelist is a public role connected to the communities and to developers in general. Being a public role, concepts like “fairness” and “respect of the commitment” are key concepts.

If we add that I like Business Intelligence as much as Content Management projects, and the fact that I’m proud of the A.A.A.R. results, the key conclusion is: The A.A.A.R. project is something important for me and a personal commitment for the Community all.

My personal committment, made possible from Alfresco

During the recruitment phase, I discussed the “commitment” introduced below with my future collegues and managers and, honestly, I have found a deep comprehension and support on the whole line. Due to this, an agreement has been reached.

Straight to the fact

In conclusion: nothing is going to change to the A.A.A.R. project.
I still remain the owner of the intellectual property of the solution and I’m authorized to pursue development efforts on the solution, of course, so long as doing so does not interfere with my employment obligations to Alfresco.

What is coming next?

So, in the nearest future:

  • I plan to release a new version with some bugfixes.
  • I’m working together with Community Partners to improve the A.A.A.R. customization in vertical solutions (I’m planning to change the license to LGPL, more suitable for this purpose).
  • I would like to work on the Docker application of Pentaho + A.A.A.R.
  • I would like to work on the integration with Order Of The Bee Honeycomb Edition (many thanks to Digicat for the support).
  • (always) looking for feedback…

Please let me know if you suggest something more, writing me an email or adding a note here.

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