27 Nov

Pentaho 8 Reporting samples – Repository update

Together with the recent book named “Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers” (Packt Publishing) a public repository on Github has been developed with more than 40 examples with PRPT files, Maven Projects, one CDE Dashboard and a PDI Transformation. All the examples offer a complete set of demos for the 8th version of Pentaho Reporting. 

After the release, the Nexus Repository containing the Pentaho artifacts has been renamed differently. In addition, the folder structure of the groups/artifacts changed. Those changes broke the Maven Projects and I received some feedback from the developers that the Java projects did not work.

In the past week end I had the time to update the projects to fix the issues. The changes has been on the pom.xml files, more in particular on:

  • The new repository is named as following.
  • The groupId of the Pentaho dependencies for the engine changed to org.pentaho.reporting.engine. Few changes were required on the artifactId tags too.
  • The groupId of the Pentaho dependencies for the libraries changed to org.pentaho.reporting.library.

As you can see, the changes are not related to the repository only, but it has been a requested update to make the projects working again and being an examples for the developers all.

Please continue to share feedback and enjoy the development. Cheers.

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