04 Dec

Using Pentaho dashboards into an Angular application

During my investigations and experimentations, I was not able to find any working solution using Pentaho dashboards into a generic Angular application. The only project I found was a POC in Angular 1, not valid anymore, considering that Angular is today at its fifth version with major changes in the language and framework.

Angular is definitely one of the most appealing front-end technologies in the market and it is widely used by a lot of developers all over the world. To understand if Pentaho dashboards could be easily rendered in this framework, I started to play with both.

After some investigations and successful experimentations, things became more clear and I had the idea to develop a reusable package for the developers benefit. The result is the pentaho-dashboard-project hosted on GitHub.

The pentaho-dashboard-project contains a collection of Angular components and services to render the Pentaho dashboards, released as a npm package published into the public repository. The npm package is named pentaho-dashboard and can be used starting from here.

But things didn’t stop here. Another thing I enjoyed to experiment has been writing something into GitBook. GitBook is a modern and simple solution to documentation, digital writing and publishing. In this case, a full description of the composition of the package and some practical tutorials describe how to use the integration into an existing Angular application.

Do you want to see in practice what you can do? Take a look at the screenshot below.

Enjoy the pentaho-dashboard-project.

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