A.A.A.R. – Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting

Who is using the Alfresco E.C.M.?
How the repository is growing up in the passing time?
Which are the most viewed contents in the Alfresco E.C.M. last week?
Who are the most active users in the Alfresco E.C.M. in the last quarter?
Which is the created content during last week? And during last month?
Which is the most accessed content of the last month?
How many failed login?

These are only some of the questions that are often done about an Alfresco E.C.M. and is well known that Alfresco only recently is starting to define a reporting system and today they are following exactly the same path you can see here, with a solution for Enterprise Edition only and a high cost.

AAAR responsive

With Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (A.A.A.R.) is provided a solution to extract, store and query audit data together with the document/folder informations at a very detailed level, with the goal to be useful to the end-user in a very easy way. To reach that goal, to make the data more friendly for the end-user, the data are published in reports in well-known formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, csv, etc.) and stored directly in Alfresco as static documents organized in folders, versioned, authorized and published.

On the top of the A.A.A.R. solution, the A.A.A.R. Analytics is a set of powerful tools to analyze data in an interactive and customizable way with a user console composed by dashboards, reports and free analysis.

Remembering that Alfresco is leader as an Open Source E.C.M. platform, the provided solution integrates the Pentaho Suite (http://www.pentaho.com) as the most important Open Source Business Intelligence platform. Thanking to the use of Pentaho Data Integration (http://community.pentaho.com) and Pentaho Report Designer (http://community.pentaho.com) the solution is a scalable and generic Reporting System with an open window on the Business Intelligence world. A.A.A.R. is published since 2014 in the official Pentaho Marketplace.


Description of the solution >>

I like A.A.A.R.

52 thoughts on “A.A.A.R. – Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting

  1. Avatar

    Hi !
    You made a very good job, but when a content is moved by script, we can’t have any audit of it,

    Do you now why ?


  2. Francesco Corti

    Hi Vince,

    Thank you for your interest in AAAR.

    Due to a relevant improvement of the front-end I’m working on (AAAR will be presented tomorrow in the Pentaho Community Meeting and in november at the Alfresco Summit) I cannot plan to work on this task during the next weeks.

    If you think to help me, me and the community will appreciate very much and I think will be easy for me to develop the feature sooner.
    A huge help for me could be to answer to this question: how to store the IP address you need in the Alfresco audit trail?
    Having the answer to this question it’s clear for me what (and how) to do to extend the AAAR.

    If interested, please write privately and we will discuss on it (fcorti at gmail).

    Thank you in advance.

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  4. Avatar

    just – manually – insatlled CDA, CDE and AAAR…

    passed the configuration

    but AAAR_Extract.sh seems not working :
    error messages are :
    Unable to load task because no repository found
    Unable to continue because task can’t be loaded

    below the content of my repository : /root/.kettle/repositories.xml

    AAAR database
    Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb79ce10bec1aec8


    pentaho on behalf aaar
    AAAR database

    Any idea ?

    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Vincent,

      I see that you installed Pentaho as root.
      Other users in the past days told me about problems with the root user.
      I suggest you to use a different user because is preferable for security reasons.

      Let us know how it goes.

  5. Francesco Corti

    Hi Saran, always check the (great) catalina.out log file of the Pentaho installation. In this file you always find all the detailed informations about execution and possible problems.

    • Avatar

      Hi Corti,

      Dash boards and free analyses are your future release ? when it will be realized ? any license required for that?


  6. Francesco Corti

    Hi Saran,
    Thank you for the interest in AAAR.
    They will be released in the future but I cannot say the date now.
    I don’t plan licenses for that but for any kind of support, write me privately.
    Thanks, Saran.

  7. Avatar

    Dear Francesco,

    I am Sulyman I am new in Alfresco But I like it, I need your help, I need to export metadata of content to csv file from table view on Document Library.
    I have some custom metadata I can view it on table view but how I can export it to csv file.


    • Francesco Corti

      Bonjour Julien,

      I have it in my todo list but I don’t have it yet.
      I would appreciate if you could work on it (together with me of course).
      If you can’t do it now, I can give you support to develop it by yourself (it’s quite easy to do).



  8. Avatar

    Sure I can help, as soon as I get AAAR working! 😉
    For now extraction is running (long long run…) but still 0 documents in the analytics…
    Seriously, you could give me the script and I can work on a dedicated project code that will come along with the A.A.A.R component.
    The only thing to consider is that I work on analytics only 2 days a week at a customer’s place, and among other tasks, so I can’t ensure any schedule/deadline…

  9. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,
    Thank you for your great job! Do you have any plan to bring AAAR to Alfresco 5.0b? I’m experiencing some problem with it and I think it is because they moved some url…

      • Francesco Corti

        Hi all,
        I have a good news and a bad news!
        The good news is that I’m developing an upgrade of the AAAR to the last CMIS 1.1 with Apache Chemistry v0.12.
        The bad news is that the error 500 is clearly related to the stability CMIS query on Alfresco Community 5.0.b. (changing the query it works).
        I’ll write a post on that issue as soon as possibile.
        PS: On Alfresco 5.0.a the same CMIS query with CMIS 1.1 works perfectly.
        The exception in catalina.out is: ERROR [solr.core.SolrCore] [http-bio-8543-exec-11] org.alfresco.service.namespace.NamespaceException: Namespace prefix content@s__size@{http is not mapped to a namespace URI

  10. Avatar

    Great, great work Francesco! Thank you a lot.
    I will look forward for the new version and for the post about the exception (I’m not sure I understood what you mean)

  11. Avatar


    When I tried to perform Data extraction, I got:

    2015/03/17 17:32:06 – RepositoriesMeta – Reading repositories XML file: /root/.kettle/repositories.xml
    Processing stopped because of an error:
    Error connecting to the repository!

    Error occurred while trying to connect to the database

    Invalid JNDI connection AAAR_Kettle : FATAL: password authentication failed for user “postgres”

    ERROR: Kitchen can’t continue because the job couldn’t be loaded.
    Extraction complete!

    It consults the file /opt/data-integration/simple-jndi/jdbc.properties,
    and the password is right.

  12. Francesco Corti

    Hi Ricardo,

    The authentication login and password are stored in different places during the installation task.
    It could happen if you install AAAR with some settings and later you change them, making the whole settings unrelated.
    I suggest you to use the configuration dashboard to set up the correct login and password and then re-install AAAR. You can re-install it using the same dashboard.

    If you cannot erase the data mart, write me privately and I’ll drive you through all the settings to develop it one by one.

    I hope this will help you.

  13. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,
    I am very glad to have such an amazing report generating technology.Using it we generated the reports for not logged in users into alfresco.I am working as a Middleware Engineer at Taashee Linux Services, India.I appreciate your work that you have contributed to the community.
    Thank you Francesco Corti.

    Sandeep Vemuganti,
    Taashee Linux Services,
    Hyderabad,Telangana State,

  14. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,

    The AAAR tool has been of great help in generating reports and dashboards based on workflows and digital asset management. Thank you for your contribution to the community.

    Pablo Vásquez,
    Smart Solutions & Services (S3Chile),
    Software Engineering,
    Santiago, Chile,

  15. Avatar

    Hello Francesco,

    Good job and thanks for your contribution in this application/module. We are testing the A.A.A.R. for managing the audit in the Alfresco side. We hope to generate others reports to know more about the application and its components.

    Happy new year.
    Julio Coto (julio.coto@alkaid.cr)
    ECM & Software Engineer
    Alkaid – Software Company

  16. Avatar

    Hi Francesco

    AAAR is a wonderful tool, we use it to audit Alfresco, in order to have some metrics about users, files,etc. It is really helpful
    Also your howtos are well explained, It guides you very well to have a working AAAR.
    If you have some trouble with AAAR do not hesitate to contact Francesco, He really helps you.

    Best Regards
    Victor Muchica
    Job title: CTO
    Country: Peru

  17. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,

    We are a newbie in Alfresco, currently still using Community Edition 5.2 and our many site users are heavy on storing contents. We are looking for an appropriate activity reporting tool to understand the extend of growth and usage of what had been stored.

    Can you please recommend what or where we can look at to quickly be able to look at the user’s activities?

    Appreciate your response.

    Kind regards

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