A.A.A.R. – Description of the solution

As introduced before, A.A.A.R. extracts audit data and repository composition from Alfresco E.C.M., stores the informations in a Data Mart, creates the reports in well-known formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, csv, etc.) and publishes them again in Alfresco E.C.M.

Describing the solution in a flow, this could be represented as the image below.

AAAR flows

On the top of the A.A.A.R. Data Mart, the A.A.A.R. Analytics defines a set of powerful tools to analyze data in an interactive and customizable way thank to the involvement of the Pentaho Business Intelligence Server. Using the Pentaho BI Server is possible to define: interactive dashboard, dynamic reports, free analysis. A.A.A.R. Analytics is distributed as a separated solution respect to A.A.A.R.

Below all the actors are described with more detail.

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I like A.A.A.R.

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