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AAAR flowsEven in this case, starting from the mentioned Data Warehousing techniques, the use of the Pentaho Report Designer (http://community.pentaho.com) on the Data Mart is the natural way to create, very easily, reports and analysis with a friendly layout. All the developed reports with the Pentaho Report Designer should be defined thinking that the goal is to export them in several static formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, csv, etc.) to be uploaded in Alfresco.

A report designed with Pentaho Report Designer is a file with a ‘prpt’ extension that contains all the settings for the creation of a report exportable in several formats. By default, in A.A.A.R., some relevant examples are provided:

Developing new reports with the Pentaho Report Designer, let the developer able to create customized reports over the Data Mart. Remembering that we are using Data Warehousing’s techniques, other Data Marts could be added (not only containing data coming from Alfresco) and the (static) reports could be created and published in Alfresco in the same way. With this technique the A.A.A.R. is able to extend it’s capabilities also to other business elements becoming more scalable and “enterprise”.

A.A.A.R. reports are developed with Pentaho Report Designer Community Edition v3.9.0 Stable. The use of older version cannot guarantee the provided reports to be compatible but new reports could be developed with older versions if Pentaho Data Integration supports the creation in a transformation. Please, suggest limits and tests to let it work even in other contexts.

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I like A.A.A.R.

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