A.A.A.R. – Install A.A.A.R. Alfresco AMP

Starting from A.A.A.R. v4.0, the installation of an Alfresco Module Package (AMP) into the Alfresco repository is mandatory to have a collection of services developed specifically to have better performance and better user experience. Below the step by step instructions to correctly install it.

1. Download the A.A.A.R. Alfresco Repository AMP

The A.A.A.R. Alfresco Repository AMP is simply a sort of ZIP file, easy to install into your Alfresco installation without any problem or conflict with your settings and customizations. You can download the AAAR-Alfresco-...-Repository-vX.X.amp from SourceForge at the link below, depending on your A.A.A.R. version.


Of course, choose the right distribution depending on your Alfresco version (CE=Community Edition, EE=Enterprise Edition). Once the AMP file is downloaded, copy it into the <alfresco>/amps folder of your Alfresco installation.

2. Apply the A.A.A.R. Alfresco Repository AMP

Now it’s time to open a terminal and stop Alfresco, from the installation folder, with the command below.

./alfresco.sh stop

Please note that the commands described are for Linux based operating system, but nothing changed (extensions apart) for the Windows based operating systems. To apply the AMP file to your Alfresco installation, simply execute the command below.

cd bin

The system will requires to you to press the enter for few times… no worry! ?

3. Start Alfresco again

You are very close to the goal. Now it’s time to start again Alfresco with the command below, executed from the installation folder.

./alfresco.sh start

Now that your Alfresco installation is correctly extended with the A.A.A.R. services, let’s move to the Pentaho side, getting A.A.A.R. and installing it for the first run.

<< Prerequisites   |  Up to How to install  |  Get A.A.A.R. >>

I like A.A.A.R.

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    I am not able to download any of the plug in.
    It is giving me error like unable to find valid certification path to requested target, org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleFileException.

    Zip file is download but with 0 and 1 KB.

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