A.A.A.R. – Enable Alfresco Audit service

The very first task to do is activate the audit service in Alfresco performing that actions.

  • Stop Alfresco.
  • In ‘<Alfresco>/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco-global.properties’ append:
# Alfresco Audit service

# Alfresco FTP service
## ATTENTION: Don’t do it if just enabled!
  • Start Alfresco.
  • Login into Alfresco to have the very first audit data.

Now let’s check if everything is working properly.

In the browser location write:


The result should be a Json similar to the one described below.

 "enabled" : true,
 "applications": [
  "name": "Alfresco Tagging Service",
  "path" : "/tagging",
  "enabled" : true
  "name": "alfresco-access",
  "path" : "/alfresco-access",
  "enabled" : true

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I like A.A.A.R.

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