A.A.A.R. – Get A.A.A.R.

With this task you get the A.A.A.R. Application into your Pentaho environment.
Below the description of the tasks to develop.

Access to Pentaho User Console as administrator (otherwise you will not have permits to access to the marketplace). Click on Home -> Marketplace.

Click on the ‘Install’ button of the Saiku Analytics plugin.

Click on the ‘Install’ button of the Pivot4j Analytics plugin (see the image below).

Pentaho marketplace with Pivo4j plugin.

Click on the ‘Install’ button of the Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting plugin (see the image below).

Pentaho marketplace with AAAR

Stop the Pentaho BIServer using the ‘stop-pentaho’ script (you can find it in the ‘biserver-ce’ folder).

Edit ‘<bi-server>/pentaho-solutions/system/importExport.xml’ adding the lines below.

<bean id="IRepositoryContentConverterHandler" ... >
  <util:map id="convertersMap">
   <entry key="mondrian.xml" value-ref="streamConverter"/>
   <entry key="jpeg" value-ref="streamConverter"/>
   <!-- Add the line below here!-->
   <entry key="saiku" value-ref="streamConverter"/>
<bean id="DefaultExportHandler" ... >
 <property name="repository" ref="unifiedRepository" />
 <property name="localeExportList">
   <!-- Add the lines below here! -->
   <!-- Add the lines below here! -->

Edit ‘<bi-server>/pentaho-solutions/system/ImportHandlerMimeTypeDefinitions.xml’ adding the lines below.

<ImportHandler class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.services.importer.RepositoryFileImportFileHandler">
  <MimeTypeDefinition mimeType="text/xml">
   <!-- Add the line below here! -->

  <!-- Add the lines below here! -->
  <MimeTypeDefinition mimeType="application/json">


Start the Pentaho BIServer using the ‘start-pentaho’ script (you can find them in the ‘biserver-ce’ folder).

ATTENTION: After the installation, if your AAAR is not showing Configure/Install/Use buttons, please update “Community Graphics Generator” and “Community Dashboards Framework”. Thank you to jservajean and kossel for the solution described here.

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I like A.A.A.R.

33 thoughts on “A.A.A.R. – Get A.A.A.R.

      • Avatar

        don’t really know how to do that. But I see error meeages appear when I go to the Mrketplace:

        13:22:37,028 ERROR [GenericServlet] GenericServlet.ERROR_0004 – Resource /jpivot
        /jpivot/messages_supported_languages.properties not found in plugin jpivot
        [Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.
        org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Content is not allowed in prolog.
        at org.apache.xerces.parsers.DOMParser.parse(Unknown Source)
        at org.apache.xerces.jaxp.DocumentBuilderImpl.parse(Unknown Source)
        at org.pentaho.marketplace.MarketplaceService.loadPluginsFromSite(MarketplaceService.java:528)
        at org.pentaho.marketplace.MarketplaceService.getPlugins(MarketplaceService.java:102)
        at org.pentaho.marketplace.MarketplaceService.getPluginsJson(MarketplaceService.java:389)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:57)
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:601)…

  1. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,

    I can not see the plugin “Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting” in the list of all plugins. You know that may be happening?


    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Pablo,
      Which version of Pentaho are you using?
      During the past days I limited the AAAR v2.0 version to Pentaho 5 and AAAR v2.1 to Pentaho v5.1.
      Probably something happens…
      Please, let me know so I can check and solve it.
      Thank you in advance.

      • Avatar

        Hi Franceso,

        Today I can see the plugin in the list. I don’t know why I could not see the plugin the other day.

        Thanks for your reply.


  2. Avatar

    After following your directions, using Pentaho Community, I am getting a strange behavior when clicking “Tools -> AAAR”. I get the HTML code view of the resulting page, not a rendered view. I am seeing the HTML code rather than the actual rendered HTML, if that makes sense. I am also seeing lots of errors in my logs about saiku, although I think I’ve fixed most/all of those.

      • Avatar

        Is it possible the problem is related to Kettle? I’ve had trouble installing Kettle b/c I’m on a headless (no GUI) linux server. I have also noticed that Sparkl fails completely to work (“error processing component (pluginsList)”). I’m thinking of going back to a previous version of Pentaho if possible.

        • Francesco Corti

          Hi David,
          About Kettle: I don’t think because kettle is involved only in the ETL processes, not the presentations. I suppose Pentaho BI server instead.
          About Sparkl: this is an existing issue that does not affect AAAR.
          About noGUIServer: I often install Pentaho+AAAR in that way.
          I thing the problem is elsewhere… permits?

  3. Avatar

    Hello, is AAAR compatible with Alfresco Enterprise 5.0 version? Everything was fine when I downloaded the plugins.

    But after inserting the codes in ‘/pentaho-solutions/system/importExport.xml’ AND ‘/pentaho-solutions/system/ImportHandlerMimeTypeDefinitions.xml’ I can no longer access http://localhost:8080/pentaho.

    Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot? Would greatly appreciate the help

    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Migs,

      Yes, AAAR 3.1 has been tested with Alfresco EE 5.

      Your issue is probably caused by the wrong set of the xml files.
      What you describe is compliance with this syntax problem.
      Please check the Catalina.out log file of the pentaho tomcat and let me know how it goes.



  4. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,

    I was able to make AAAR work. After extracting my first report, I noticed that only the Login portion has data.

    How can I enable the other reports included in AAAR? i.e. Document logs, File logs, Workflow logs.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Migs,

      I think you are having errors during the extraction regarding the file structure and workflows (they are two different jobs).
      Please take a look at catalina.out log file (in Pentaho) and then you’ll probably find the errors.
      Please let me know how it goes (with an email privately to fcorti at gmail dot com) and I can support you to solve the problems.


  5. Avatar

    Hi Mr Corti,

    I tried to install AAAR many times, but i always fail with this error :
    “ERROR [RepositoryResource] Repository file [:public:AAAR:main.wcdf] not found”

    I tried also to reinstall many times all the plugins, but with the same result.

    Can you, please, help me find the source of the problem.

    I used pentaho BI 5.4 and 5.3 with AAAR 3.1.

    Thanx a lot by advance.

    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Riccardo,
      Yes, correct but the goal of this task is simply installing Saiku Analytics and JPivot. Googling a little bit you should find the correct installation process but I suggest to install them from the marketplace and go ahead with the installation.
      Of course, could be preferrable if you could upgrade to Pentaho 6. 😉

  6. Avatar

    I cannot see Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting plugin in the Pentaho Marketplace. I am using 5.0.1. Does this still exist?

  7. Avatar

    Hi Francesco,

    Unfortunately I am experiencing an error with the A.A.A.R Install step. Saiku & Pivot have installed, but I getting error with install of AAAR plugin. I am running Pentaho 7 on Windows 10. The error I receive is:

    Can not copy file/folder [zip:D:\pentaho\pentaho-server\pentaho-solutions\system/plugin-cache/downloads/AAAR-4.5_1488772669977.zip] to [D:\pentaho\pentaho-server\pentaho-solutions\system/plugin-cache/staging]

    The next error is that the file D:\pentaho\pentaho-server\pentaho-solutions\system/plugin-cache/downloads/AAAR-4.5_1488772669977.zip cannot be opened.

    I’ve also noted that in the D:\pentaho\pentaho-server\pentaho-solutions\system\plugin-cache\downloads share the AAAR-4.5 zip files have size of 0 kb

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

  8. Avatar

    I believe we should mention to install Saiku Analytics which is not Enterprise Edition. I believe the EE causes errors.

  9. Avatar

    hello Francesco,

    I am not able to see the market place as shown in the above screenshots what should I do for that.

    thanks and regards

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