A.A.A.R. – Report #4 – Top ten users and documents in the last 10 days

This alfresco report lists the top ten users and documents of the last 10 days. The report’s configuration is stored in the ‘topTen.prpt’ file. Below an example of created report.


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I like A.A.A.R.

2 thoughts on “A.A.A.R. – Report #4 – Top ten users and documents in the last 10 days

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    Hi Francesco,
    I have a question on customizing this. How can you add the Company name (if available) on each of the users in the “most active users” table of this report? I would like to add a column showing the user’s company name, for every row. See this picture for example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/959269/alfresco-user-company.png
    In that case if the user was in the top10, I would want a column next to the user name with ‘DITIC’ in it.
    Could you give me some general steps as what had to be added to that report in terms of query?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Francesco Corti

      Hi Francisco,

      Nice question.

      The Company profile is not exported by default from the Alfresco’s audit REST but we can solve the problem easily directly in the AAAR_DataMart schema. A Data Mart, in general, is a RDBMS schema created for the analysis (i.e. star schema or snowflake schema) so,adding these informations directly in the user dimension, you’ll be able to modify easily the report and reach the goal.

      I suggest you to:
      1. add a new Company field (or fields, if you need) directly in the AAAR_DataMart.dm_dim_users table (http://francescocorti.wordpress.com/alfresco-audit-analysis-reporting/aaar-audit-data-mart/aaar-alfresco-users-dimension/),
      2. create a new flow to correctly set this field/fields,
      3. Modify the report to retrieve the field/fields.

      Let me know if I can help you to reach your goal.

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