A.A.A.R. – How to use A.A.A.R. – Publish reports into Alfresco

With this task you are going to publish static reports from your analysis environment on Pentaho, directly in your Alfresco repository. The publication is not mandatory to make the A.A.A.R. work. The publication could be executed using a command line script (called ‘AAAR_Publish’), usually scheduled on time per day, during the night time.


You can find the script in the ‘<biserver-ce>/pentaho-solution/system/AAAR/endpoints/kettle/script’ folder.

For the first time, I suggest you to execute the AAAR_Publish script manually but in a production environment you could schedule it with the “silent” parameter to have a real automatic publication into your Alfresco.

The script is able to be customized in terms of published reports (you could add your own reports, for example) and accept several parameters to customize your export process. Please, read the advanced configuration to understand what could be possibile to do.

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I like A.A.A.R.

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