A.A.A.R. – Change log

A.A.A.R. v.4.5 – Release date: 12 December 2016

A.A.A.R. v.4.4 – Release date: 18 July 2016

  • Data quality features into the tables: dm_logs, dm_data_quality.
  • Added the Data Quality dashboard.
  • Refactoring of the dates creation (bugfixing the old versions).
  • Flag ‘CLEAN_NODES_DELETED’ turned into ‘true’ by default.
  • Various bugfixes (especially on custom metadata extraction).

A.A.A.R. v.4.3 (BeeCon edition) – Release date: 1 May 2016

  • Porting on Pentaho 6.1.
  • Added flag ‘CLEAN_NODES_DELETED’ in ETL to avoid removed nodes extraction (default = false).
  • Improvements in terms of execution time (and stability) on huge repositories (tested in production environment with +2 Milion documents and +180.000 instances of workflows).
  • Separation of Alfresco extraction and data mart import in ETL.
  • Bugfix on Audit dashoboard not showing charts.
  • Various bugfixes.

A.A.A.R. v.4.2 – Release date: 21 February 2016

  • Custom properties extraction using REST services instead of CMIS calls.
  • Added a custom properties setup in the AAAR wizard.
  • Issue 30 solution.
  • Bugfixes.

A.A.A.R. v.4.1 – Release date: 21 November 2015

A.A.A.R. v.4.0 – Release date: 7 november 2015

  • Transparent authentication from Alfresco to Pentaho.
  • Repository extraction (significantly) improved in performance.
  • AMP installation on Alfresco Repository is now ahead mandatory.
  • AMP installation on Alfresco Share to develop the AAAR Dashlet is available (but not mandatory).
  • Bugfixes.

A.A.A.R. v.3.1 – Release date: 4 may 2015

  • Native workflows support (definitions, instances, tasks and relation with documents).
  • Added the workflows chart in the main dashboard.
  • Added the active workflow instances report.
  • Bugfixes

A.A.A.R. v.3.0 – Release date: 15 march 2015

  • Repository dashboards for folders and documents (3 new dashboards).
  • Non blocking management in case of CMIS duplication (sometimes happens with Alfresco CMIS).
  • GET_PARENT flag set to true by default.
  • Changed the Pentaho menu item to link to analysis dashboard instead of admin dashboard.
  • Refactoring with Pentaho 5.3 sparkl plugin.
  • Configuration dashboard for report publishing.
  • Choice of the Alfresco version during installation process (5.0.x or 4.2.x, EE or CE).
  • Single version for Alfresco 4.2.x and 5.0.x.
  • Bugfixes
  • Dashboards queries for MySql.
  • Query for MySql on admin dashboard for Alfresco instances.

A.A.A.R. v.2.4.1 – Release date: 13 february 2015

  • Pentaho 5.3 compliance.
  • Non blocking management in case of CMIS duplication (sometimes happens with Alfresco CMIS).

A.A.A.R. v.2.4 – Release date: 26 January 2015

  • Bootstrap porting of the whole Pentaho dashboards.

A.A.A.R. v.2.3 – Release date: 07 January 2015

  • Multiple instances of Alfresco installations.
  • Bugfixes.

A.A.A.R. v.2.2 – Release date: 01 December 2014

  • Free analysis on Saiku and Pivot4j.
  • Dashboard on audit trail.
  • Brand new report on documents per site.
  • CMIS Input plugin with CMIS v1.1 support (OpenCMIS v0.12).
  • Bugfixes.

A.A.A.R. v.2.1 – Release date: 02 July 2014

  • Pentaho v5.1.0 support.
  • Custom metadata management for types and aspects on documents and folders.
  • Bugfix.

A.A.A.R. v.2.0 – Release date: 08 January 2014

  • Developed the dashboards used as installation wizard and instructions on how to use the solution.
  • Added the repository structure in the Pentaho containing dashboards and reports.
  • Developed the main dashboard as hub of reports.
  • Added the configuration file for the installation, extraction and publication processes.
  • Added the log file for the installation, extraction and publication processes.
  • Updated the script file with several features like: log file, silent parameter, configuration file

A.A.A.R. v.1.5 – Release date: 26 November 2013

  • AAAR Installer for a smarter installation process.
  • Compliance with Pentaho 5 suite (Pentaho 4 also supported).

A.A.A.R. v.1.4 – Release date: 20 October 2013

  • Bug fixing of the extraction of the repository’s structure.
  • Complete restyling of the Pentaho reports’ layout.
  • Complete reengineering of the Pentaho reports to be more clear in the data source comprehension (useful to better customize them).
  • Added some views to the AAAR_DataMart to support the incoming A.A.A.R. Analytics.
  • Definition of a brand new A.A.A.R. logo.

A.A.A.R. v.1.3.1 – Release date: 29 July 2013

  • For MySql (patch to v.1.3)
  • Correction to the two queries in the AAAR Kettle ETL that retrieves the minimum date of the repository.

A.A.A.R. v.1.3 – Release date: 12 May 2013

  • Added the whole structure of the repository to the data mart (dm_dim_documents, dm_dim_folders, ecc.).
  • Added the E.T.L. for the structure of the repository.
  • Added 6 reports more as samples on the repository structure.
  • Correction of a bug in the connection to the PostgreSQL database in the sample reports.

A.A.A.R. v.1.2 – Release date: 07 March 2013

  • Added JNDI connection to databases in reports and E.T.L. to make easier the installation and customization.
  • Correct a critical bug in the MySQL installation.
  • Replaced JSON modules with Javascript module in the E.T.L. due to some potential pentaho’s bugs.

A.A.A.R. v.1.1 – Release date: 24 February 2013

  • Optimization to ETL (transformation ‘/Alfresco/Staging/Alfresco audit completion’) to manage faster more than 20.000 audit rows per extraction.
  • Added indexes to all the dimension tables of data mart to retrieve faster the results in case of a big data mart.
  • Changes to the 5 demo reports to limit the amount of data retrieved in case of a big data mart (more than 20.000 facts).

A.A.A.R. v.1.0 – Release date: 15 January 2013

  • First release.

I like A.A.A.R.

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