27 Jul

A.A.A.R. for a long time extraction on big Alfresco repositories

speedometerDuring my support activities on the A.A.A.R. solution I often receive the question below. The context is a request of support about the optimization of the extraction and the compression of the time of data extraction for A.A.A.R. Below the question mentioned above.

The script ran for hours but the data extraction process didn’t complete.
In the log I always see something like this:

Cmis Input modified document.0 – Cmis Input – Retrieved n.0 results from item n.714 on a total of n.967 results.
Cmis Input modified document.0 – Cmis Input – Retrieved n.0 results from item n.714 on a total of n.967 results.
Cmis Input modified document.0 – Cmis Input – Retrieved n.0 results from item n.714 on a total of n.967 results.

Francesco, could you give me support please?

In this post I would like to face this relevant issue, describing the reasons of this behaviour and focusing on the solution (because there is a solution) to test and use A.A.A.R. with satisfaction into your Alfresco installations. Read More

20 Jul

Run Alfresco Honeycomb Edition for the first time

Order of the BeeProbably you already know or probably not, in any case Alfresco Community has a relevant new emerging organization called the Order Of The Bee. One of the goal of the OOTB is to maintain the so called Alfresco Honeycomb Edition, a free and open source distribution of Alfresco, mainly based on the Alfresco Community Edition.

In this post I would like to share my experience on the Alfresco Honeycomb Edition with an initial tutorial on how to set up the working environment and run it for the first time. Of course I would like to thank Martin Cosgrave and Daren Firminger for their work and support to me and the entire community too. Read More

07 Jul

Workflow analytics on Alfresco 4.2.e and AAAR v3.1

analytics-iconThis post describes an issue that could happens on the workflow analytics, using Alfresco Community 4.2.e and AAAR v3.1. The post is written in collaboration with Pablo Vásquez from Smart Solutions & Services (Chile). From our prospective this is the result of a collaboration and a practical example on how the community can help in practice. Read More

25 May

A.A.A.R. for documents, folders, audit trail, workflow analysis and custom metadata

Starting from version 3.1, A.A.A.R. Alfresco analytics makes poker with repository analysis (documents and folders), audit trail, workflow and custom metadata analytics. A wide variety of reports, dashboards and free analysis are available for free on all the devices (mobiles and not), thanks to a responsive user interface.


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18 May

Revised tutorial about the Alfresco 5.0.a installation

The step by step tutorial describing how to install Alfresco 5.0.a Community Edition on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, is definitely one of the most accessed pages of this blog. Nothing new, considering how was accessed the same tutorial on Alfresco 4.2.c. This has been a nice surprise and I receive lots of feedback sharing that this is helpful for someone. I like it.

In the past days I modified the tutorial, following some hints and suggestions of some Alfresco experts and the community in general. I’m very angry with some of them because they did not accept to be quoted (I’m joking) but in every case I’m very happy to submit to your attention the revised version of the tutorial.

One of the conclusions of this review is that would be the time to develop another new version with the Solr4 installation tutorial, that has been introduced as mandatory from Alfresco 5.0.c. I’ll working on it…

Until then: thank you community for the feedback. 🙂

04 May

A.A.A.R. v3.1 with workflow analytics

Probably the last business element that A.A.A.R. didn’t have was the analytics on workflows instances and tasks. Recently I received some requests on that topic so, the A.A.A.R. v3.1 comes with the native support for workflows. Now audit trail, documents, folders, workflows and custom properties are fully supported in your custom analytics.


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16 Mar

Alfresco’s Aikau framework and configuration properties

menuHeaderTitleSince the release 4.2 Community Edition, the Alfresco’s Aikau framework has been introduced as a brand new method of creating new Surf Pages or Components for the so called Alfresco Share client. Since then, some exciting tutorials and examples have been developed (Ole Hejlskov’s tutorial is one of the most complete, in my personal opinion) and I also enjoyed with the development of the A.A.A.R. menu for Alfresco Share, available in this GitHub project and downloadable here.

In this post I would like to share my experience using the Alfresco’s configuration parameters directly into the Aikau framework to customize and control the widgets. In this particular case creating a structured menu item into the header of Alfresco Share, but this approach could be used in every javascript code developed using the Alfresco’s Aikau framework. Read More

09 Mar

A.A.A.R. menu into the Alfresco header

Thank to the brand new Aikau framework in Alfresco, it has been possible to easy develop the A.A.A.R. menu directly into the Alfresco Share interface. The A.A.A.R. Alfresco menu module is tested on Alfresco 4.2.x and 5.0.x versions and it’s quite interesting to see a practical example and a useful application to a real scenario. Oh, I was forgetting… this menu is completely customizable using the share-config-custom configuration and can access to all the analytics of your A.A.A.R. installation.

You can download the AMP package here on SourceForge or take a look to the full documentation here in this page.

Last but not least, many thanks to Ole Hejlskov (https://github.com/ohej) for his great work on the tutorial about Aikau framework. And to Gabriele Columbro (http://mindthegab.com/) for his work on the Alfresco SDK and, of course, for sharing documentation about it.