26 Apr

AAAR v4.3 release, the BeeCon release on Pentaho 6.1

BeeCon 2016After a stress test on a 2 milion documents repository, more than 6 milions of instances of custom types and aspects and 180.000 instances of workflows (everything on the same Alfresco instance). Together with two others different sources (a real Enterprise Record Management System and a ERP repository) the A.A.A.R. v4.3 has been released. This version has been tested on the brand new Pentaho 6.1 release, that comes with some relevant improvements on performance over JSON treatment and various other nice changes.

This release is dedicated to the incoming BeeCon event (to thank all of BeeGirls/BeeGuys for the support) and the Pentaho girls  and guys for the sponsorship of the event.

29 Feb

A.A.A.R. v4.2 release with custom properties extraction redesigned

aaarBye bye CMIS!

With the latest A.A.A.R. v4.2 release, the extraction jobs have been fully moved to Alfresco REST based calls, instead of using CMIS (great in principle, but slower for massive enquiries).

Another added feature is the management of the custom properties extraction, as showed as a brief presentation in the video below.


22 Feb

How to manually install a Pentaho Sparkl application

installerDuring the past days, I have received some contacts describing problems during the installation of the A.A.A.R. application from the Pentaho marketplace. After some investigations, the issue seems to be connected to the sourceforge links that have recently changed its format.

To solve the problem, some of you asked me how to manually install A.A.A.R., and I have added a more generic tutorial on how to manually install a Sparkl application. The tutorial has been added to the collection of the Spark tutorials. I hope that you find it useful.

13 Jan

Do you have a suggested location for the Pentaho Community Meeting 2016?

Yesterday on twitter, two of the main Pentaho Community members started a conversation about the Pentaho Community Meeting 2016.  Below the quote of Dan Keeley with one of his twits.

Do you have a suggested location for the incoming PCM16?

Would you like to candidate you country/city for the event?

Please let me know or write to Dan Keeley (@codek1) and/or Diethard Steiner (@diethardsteiner) to submit your suggestion.

17 Nov

A.A.A.R. integration for Alfresco CE v5.1-EA

Starting from the A.A.A.R. v4.0, the new addon for Alfresco Community Edition v5.1 has been released to support the latest community version of Alfresco, today in its third “Early Access” release. As you can see in the compatibility matrix, the compliance is today for A.A.A.R. v4.0 (available for Pentaho 5.4) and A.A.A.R. v4.1 (available soon for Pentaho 6). You can find it downloadable at the link below:


To understand better how the Community Edition is going ahead, with Early Access and Generally Available releases, I suggest to read this blog post from Richard Esplin (Product Manager for Alfresco Community Edition). Have a good read.

04 Nov

A.A.A.R. v4.0 major release

Some months are gone from the latest A.A.A.R. release, but this doesn’t mean that things are not going ahead. 🙂 During the past months I received some concerns about the extraction performance. Today the A.A.A.R. v4.0 is released with a couple of relevant features: the transparent authentication from Alfresco to Pentaho (using the Pentaho Transparent Authentication plugin) and the repository extraction significantly improved in performance. Read More

05 Oct

Presentation at Pentaho Community Meeting 2015 (London)

frk_pentaho_shirtProbably you already know that next 7th of November, in London, will be the next Pentaho Community Meeting (PCM 2015). This is always a nice meeting, informal and interesting for technical professionals working with this Suite. This is year of the incoming Pentaho 6 version and the very first year under the Hitachi ownership, for the Pentaho guys.

Read More