16 Sep

Exclusive discount only on fcorti.com

Few days ago I have been contacted from Packt Publishing and we talked about a good traffic generated from this blog. “Ehi, are you saying that people is interested in my reviews?” has been my reply. 🙂

Because of this nice result, Packt Publishing send all of us a gift to share with all of you to thank you for the good feedback on fcorti.com. The special discount of 50% can be used (for free) on one or more of the books listed below. The promotion starts today and will be valid until the 30th of September.

Thank you again and… enjoy the exclusive discount for you.


22 Jun

Hadoop for finance essentials – Review

In this post I would like to share my personal review about the recent book from Packt Publishing called Hadoop for finance essential by Rajiv Tiwari.

During the past months, many books have been published about Hadoop technology and for sure this is one of the most popular IT buzzword. Of course, the majority part of the books are for neophytes or people that want to know better the MapR solution and all the Hadoop ecosystem. From this point of view, this book could be classified as an introductory book to the solution architect and IT developers. This classification is clearly represented in the first part of the book (in particular in chapter 1 – Big data overview).  Read More

17 Jun

Hadoop Essentials – Review

In this post I would like to share my personal review about the recent book from Packt Publishing called Hadoop Essential by Shiva Achari.

Do you really know what Apache Hadoop is?
Are you sure to understand the meaning of “big data” in the real world scenario?
How big data storage issue and data warehouse issue meet Hadoop implementation?
Which are the main tools Apache Hadoop is based on?

If you completely don’t know (but you are interested in) or you want to have a clear and final picture of those topics (and probably much more) you should read this book. Read More

15 Jun

Scaling Big Data with Hadoop and Solr – Review

In this post I would like to share my personal review about the recent book from Packt Publishing called Scaling Big Data with Hadoop and Solr (Second Edition) by Hrishikesh Vijay Karambelkar.

The goal of the book is quite clear in the title too: describe in practice how Apache Hadoop and Apache Solr, help organizations to resolve the problem of information extraction from big data. Don’t you think this is a very interesting problem to face? I think so.

Read More

19 Dec

Christmas gift at 5$ from Packt Publishing

packt publishing eBook BonanzaThis is my Christmas gift for all the followers of the past years… ok, this is the Packt Publishing’s Christmas gift. After the huge success last year, the Packt $5 eBook Bonanza is back! From today until 6th Jan 2015, customers will be able to buy any eBook or Video from the Packt website for just $5! A suggestion? What about my Pentaho Reporting Video Course? 😉 Merry Christmas and happy new year!

06 Oct

How to analyze your custom properties, types and aspects with A.A.A.R.

A.A.A.R. v2.1As you probably know, Alfresco is able to extend it’s data model with one or more custom models. This is incredibly powerful because you can store your own metadata (called properties) together with your documents. Also the folders could be stored (and retrieved) together with custom properties.

So, once you have stored the documents and folder with success into your Alfresco, how to know how many of them are in a certain state instead of another? How to develop and share reports and analytics about it? Last but not least, how to analyze and control the status of your workflows instances?

Easy like a 1… 2… 3!

If you want to analyze your custom properties organized in types and aspect, starting from the A.A.A.R. v2.1 you can do it. Read here to understand how do develop it in three easy steps.