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Imagine being able to extract from your Enterprise Content Management System, all the metadata of your documents using simple queries with a query language very close to the traditional SQL. Imagine using the information extracted for statistical purposes, for creating reports and, more generally, to analyse your document archives in a way unthinkable until now with the current tools available. All this is possible within the Pentaho Suite, the Open Source Business Intelligence platform, which is useful to the extraction and analysis of structured and semi-structured data.

With this goal (the extraction and analysis of data) has been designed and developed the CMIS Input plugin for Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) that allows querying Content Management Systems that use the CMIS interoperability standard. The data, once extracted, can be stored and analyzed and perhaps presented in customized reports be published in various formats for the end user (PDF, Excel, etc..).


The CMIS Input plugin, thanks to the use of the library Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS, is able to interoperate with ECM market leaders such as Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, Nuxeo, OpenText and many others.

What PDI CMIS Input is >>

Download PDI CMIS Input plugin

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