Pentaho Transparent Authentication

PentahoTA_logoPentaho Transparent Authentication is a plugin for Pentaho BA Server that provides the platform with additional authentication and login capabilities, in the form of a spring security filter and a bunch of support classes. The goal of this project is to provide a transparent authentication and autologin mechanism, to let users switch between a different web application and Pentaho in an “Single Sign On fashion”.

Alberto Mercati is the principle developer of the Java Code and the project is available on GitHub as an Open Source project. Pentaho Transparent Authentication has been presented for the first time at the Pentaho Community Meeting 2015 in London.

The solution has been used with success for the interaction between Alfresco and Pentaho, through the A.A.A.R. solution. Do you want to see Pentaho Transparent Authentication in action? Take a look here.


Luca Fidolini

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4 thoughts on “Pentaho Transparent Authentication

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    Dear Francesco
    When I use another user which is not admin user, It will show dialogue to key useranme and password.
    What I have to do more?

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    Very good the plugin is very useful. It is possible to create a user, add it to “pentaho-transparent-authentication-mappings.json” and not have to restart the bi server in order to log in with the created user ?.
    Thank you very much!

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