PentahoTA configuration

The external applications and the corresponding users that are allowed to use the mechanism can be configured in a file called pentaho-transparent-authentication-mappings.json that must be placed in $PENTAHO-ROOT/pentaho-solutions/system. The file must comply to the following format:

        "testApp": {
            "usernamesMap": {
                "testUser": "pentahoUser"
            "applicationName": "testApp"
        "app1": {
            "usernamesMap": {
                "user0.1": "pentaho4",
                "user0.0": "pentaho3"
            "applicationName": "app1"
        "showcase": {
            "usernamesMap": {
                "user0.2": "admin",
                "user0.1": "pat",
                "user0.0": "suzy",
                "user0.3": "tiffany"
            "applicationName": "showcase"

For security reasons, any request for a login ticket must respect some form of mutual authentication between the two peers involved (the “external app” and Pentaho). Currently, for this purpose, it is assumed that request parameter authentication is enabled in Pentaho. Every request for a ticket must carry the authentication parameters, so the complete format should be something like the following:



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    HI Francesco Corti,

    I am trying to integrate AAAR reports in alfresco 5.2 in enterprise and community but In bi server(5,6,7) i am unable to download audit analysis plugin in alfresco.

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