Alfresco Summit (5-7 Nov 2013)

2013-11-06 Alfresco - Speaking BarcelonaThe past 6th of November there has been the presentation of the A.A.A.R. solution at the Alfresco Summit in Barcelona. Together with me, Tjarda Peleen and Matthew Patin with their respective solutions.

Below the whole speech with questions and answers.

(Contribution starts at 23′:50”)

Below a first photo of the event.

2013-11-07 Reporting in Alfresco

I would like to explicitly thank the “reporting guys” for the collaboration, the attendees for the enthusiastic feedback and the Alfresco team and management because they were in the session giving us very important feedback and suggestions. In particular: John Newton, John Iball, Brian Remmington and, of course, Jeff Potts.

Last but not least, the slides from the presentation.