Packt Publishing videoThis section is dedicated to the most recent and relevant publications. In particular I would emphasize the fine (although challenging) experience with Packt Publishing that is one of the leading publishers on the IT topics, with thousands of publications on books (paper and digital) and video courses.


Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers


This hands-on tutorial, filled with exercises and examples, introduces the reader to a variety of concepts within Pentaho Reporting. With screenshots that show you how reports look at design time as well as how they should look when rendered as PDF, Excel, HTML, Text, Rich-Text-File, XML and CSV, this book also contains complete example source code that you can copy and paste into your environment to get up and running quickly.

Updated to cover the recently released Pentaho 8, this book will teach you everything you need to know to build fast, efficient reports using Pentaho. If your interest lies in the technical details of creating reports and you want to see how to solve common reporting problems with a minimum of fuss, this is the book for you.

What you will learn:

  • Basics around Pentaho Reporting(Designer and SDK) & Initial Setup.
  • Develop the most attractive reports on top of a wide range of data sources.
  • Customize in details layout, parametrization, internationalization, behaviours, etc. of your custom reports developed with Pentaho Reporting.
  • Integrate Pentaho reports into a third party Java application having a full control of interactions, layout and behaviour in general.
  • Use Pentaho reports in the other components of the Pentaho Suite (BA Platform and PDI).


Pentaho Reporting video course


pentaho_reporting_video_courseThis is a complete video course mainly based on the Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers book. The video course is composed by 8 different sections, more than 40 videos and has more than 1 hour and half of duration.

The video course target are Java Developers and covers basic and advanced features of Pentaho Reporting all with practical and relevant examples even in Java web applications and Java Swing applications.

udemyToday the video course is available also on Udemy, one of the most important knowledge platform in the web.

Many thanks to Alex Olive for providing his professional voice and Paul Hernández and David Fombella Pombal for the precious comments and suggestions during the review phase.

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    Hi. The book is very good
    I have a problem with the new version of pentaho CE. In CDE they modified the ‘src’ attribute by the ‘src-data’ of the iframe that contains the prpt component. I use this attribute to obtain the value of the report parameters that the user entered. I use this in an endpoint where I run this url and the result can be attached to an email.
    Do you know another way to get the url with the parameters entered by the user?
    Thank you

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