30 Apr

Farewell Alfresco and thank you for making it real

What a journey folks!

As you may or may not know, today is my last day at Alfresco (Hyland) and it is probably the latest day working with the platform as well.

Everything started in 2012 (Alfresco version 3.4) and since then I spent days, nights and even holidays developing solutions as well as products, writing hundreds of blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn articles and presentations, webinars, in-person events all over Europe as well as working with community-edition partners, official partners, big and small customers and professional on independent big/small projects.

I have been a lucky person because following this amazing platform and its community of enthusiasts, I made it real to follow a passion and Alfresco (as the Company) allowed me to reach that dream.

I met people from all over the world and I have been part of the Team working on the platform, in all the roles that I loved most (developer experience and relations). I worked (and had a lot of fun) with smart people from the Community of Developers that I respect from a technical and personal point of view.

Alfresco (in-person) Hackathon in Brussels 2014
Alfresco (in-person) Hackathon in Brussels 2014

Today I’m not the same person that I was in 2012. Not only from a professional point of view, but also from a personal point of view. This is what I will take with me, and this is what I’m most grateful to all of you as individuals as well as alfrescans.

Farewell Alfresco.

It is incredibly hard to build a great platform as Alfresco is, but it’s close to magic to find great people as part of a unique ecosystem as it is for the amazing Alfresco Community (outside and inside the Company).

Note added the 29th of April:

Today’s Alfresco reunion on Zoom with almost 40 “old” and “new” alfrescans from inside and outside the Company, has been simply fantastic and made me happy. This is the best gift I could have received for my farewell to this work and life experience. Thank you all.

19 Jun

Pentaho Community Meeting 2018 in Italy. Save the date!

This year the global Pentaho Community Meeting (aka PCM18) will happen in Italy, more precisely in Bologna. It will happen the 23rd, 24th and 25th of November and I’m particularly happy, because I’ll be involved together with some friends of the PUG Italia.

Below some more info, if you will decide to join us (and I sincerely hope so).

Ciao Pentaho Community Meeting 2018! (in italian)

Pentaho Community Meeting 2018 (by IT-Novum)

10 Years Pentaho Community Meeting (by IT-Novum)

Stay tuned for more information.

04 Dec

Using Pentaho dashboards into an Angular application

During my investigations and experimentations, I was not able to find any working solution using Pentaho dashboards into a generic Angular application. The only project I found was a POC in Angular 1, not valid anymore, considering that Angular is today at its fifth version with major changes in the language and framework.

Angular is definitely one of the most appealing front-end technologies in the market and it is widely used by a lot of developers all over the world. To understand if Pentaho dashboards could be easily rendered in this framework, I started to play with both.

After some investigations and successful experimentations, things became more clear and I had the idea to develop a reusable package for the developers benefit. The result is the pentaho-dashboard-project hosted on GitHub. Read More

27 Nov

Pentaho 8 Reporting samples – Repository update

Together with the recent book named “Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers” (Packt Publishing) a public repository on Github has been developed with more than 40 examples with PRPT files, Maven Projects, one CDE Dashboard and a PDI Transformation. All the examples offer a complete set of demos for the 8th version of Pentaho Reporting.  Read More

01 Sep

Tell me your (honest) thoughts about…

Recently I had the change to know about Sarahah webapp. Sarahah is a famous webapp + app for mobile, to get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends.

There are some concerns around its use, especially because it seems that the mobile app sends the contacts of your agenda to a server, without informing you. True or false, the webapp could be used instead to avoid this risk.

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20 Aug

Alflytics FAQ – SyntaxError: Empty JSON string (script#5) during extraction task

As a result of some feedback from the Community, an issue related to Alflytics has been solved. The issue affected the installation on different URLs from the default one: http://localhost:8080.

In this case, another side effect happened during the extraction, with a result of a failure task with a unclear message SyntaxError: Empty JSON string (script#5).

To solve the issue and the side effect, an updated release has been published including a description of the error as FAQ in the documentation.

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12 Jun

Alflytics 5.0 Early Access release

Welcome Alflytics!


At the past Beecon 2017, the new release (5.0) of the integration between Alfresco and Pentaho has been announced. Together with a rebranding from the previous project named A.A.A.R.

Today Alflytics is completed and released as Early Access version. The enhancements are numerous. Below the main ones:

  • Rebranding from A.A.A.R. to Alflytics.
  • Complete rewrite of the whole solution.
  • HyperSQL, PostgreSql and MySql support.
  • Multi-value properties support.
  • Support for categories and tags analytics.
  • Alfresco custom models support.
  • Does not require any installation or customization on Alfresco.
  • Supports Alfresco v5.2+.
  • Requires Pentaho Analytics platform 7.1.


What’s now? Join the Early Access Program


Now it’s your turn to use it (check the full manual here), but I would like to invite you to join the Early Access Program to test it in your environment and make it more stable and ready for the GA release.

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05 Dec

How to install Pentaho Business Analytics platform 7

Few weeks ago, close to the annual Pentaho Community Meeting, the Pentaho Team released the brand new Pentaho Suite v7 with a complete restyle of the layout (of course, this is only one of the improvements). This a good opportunity for me to update the step by step tutorial on how to install the Pentaho Business Analytics after the one about the past version 5.

This tutorial describes the default installation using the HSQL database for the security storage. If you want to know how to install it using MySql database instead, I suggest to check into the Official resources or in several articles around the web.

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05 Dec

How to install Pentaho Data Integration 7 (aka Kettle)

Few weeks ago, close to the annual Pentaho Community Meeting, the Pentaho Team released the brand new Pentaho Suite v7 with a complete restyle of the layout (of course, this is only one of the improvements). This a good opportunity for me to update the step by step tutorial on how to install the Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) after the one about the past version 5.

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21 Nov

The simplest Alfresco client using Material Design and Ajax

How is supposed to be the simplest client over Alfresco?

I’m quite sure the answers could vary in number depending on the framework, technology and complexity. In this post is shared an example of possible client over Alfresco REST API, assuming some involved technologies like Google Material Design and Ajax.

Curious to see the source code and cannot wait anymore?

Take a look at the simplest-alfresco-rest-client project on GitHub.

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