16 Mar

Alfresco’s Aikau framework and configuration properties

menuHeaderTitleSince the release 4.2 Community Edition, the Alfresco’s Aikau framework has been introduced as a brand new method of creating new Surf Pages or Components for the so called Alfresco Share client. Since then, some exciting tutorials and examples have been developed (Ole Hejlskov’s tutorial is one of the most complete, in my personal opinion) and I also enjoyed with the development of the A.A.A.R. menu for Alfresco Share, available in this GitHub project and downloadable here.

In this post I would like to share my experience using the Alfresco’s configuration parameters directly into the Aikau framework to customize and control the widgets. In this particular case creating a structured menu item into the header of Alfresco Share, but this approach could be used in every javascript code developed using the Alfresco’s Aikau framework. Read More