25 May

A.A.A.R. for documents, folders, audit trail, workflow analysis and custom metadata

Starting from version 3.1, A.A.A.R. Alfresco analytics makes poker with repository analysis (documents and folders), audit trail, workflow and custom metadata analytics. A wide variety of reports, dashboards and free analysis are available for free on all the devices (mobiles and not), thanks to a responsive user interface.


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07 Jan

How to install Pentaho Business Analytics platform 5

In this tutorial we are going to see how to install Pentaho Business Analytics Platform 5. The so called Pentaho BI-Server 5 is the front-end tool of the Pentaho Suite that develop a pure (and complete) user interface to use all the different analytical tools developed by the Suite.

If you have a Linux based operating system or a Windows based platform, the tutorial should work in any case because, you will see, the steps are very simple and easy and not related on the platform.

This tutorial describes the default installation using the HSQL database for the security storage. If you want to know how to install it using MySql database instead, I suggest this tutorial made by David Fombella.


Before start to install the Pentaho BI-Server 5 you have to check to have Java installed in you system. To check it, you have simply to execute the command below from a terminal.

java -version

If you don’t have it, below you can find a tutorial on how to install it. Please, remember that Pentaho BI-Server 5 requests Java7.

Download and install Pentaho Business Analytics Platform 5 Community Edition

After Java7 is available into your system, you have to download the Pentaho BI-Server 5 package from the official website or the sourceforge web page. In our case we are going to install the Pentaho Business Analytics 5 Community Edition.

Once the ‘biserver-ce-5.0.1-stable.zip’ file will be downloaded in the system, unzip it on the desktop or everywhere else you will like. All the Pentaho Business Analytics 5 tool is available in a folder described below:


Probably you cannot believe me but this is enough to install Pentaho Business Analytics 5 into your system. 😉

First run and access to the user interface

Pentaho Business Analytics 5 is mainly a web application deployed in a tomcat servlet container. You can easily run the Pentaho Business Analytics 5, opening a terminal and executing the ‘start-pentaho’ script stored in the ‘biserver-ce’ folder (the one with the ‘sh’ extension for the Linux based operating systems and the one with the ‘bat’ extension for the Windows based operating systems).

To check what is happening to the web application, you can see at the log in the file described below.


Once, the application is started, you can access to the user interface using a web browser at the link below.


With the Community Edition is suggested to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead of MS IE Explorer (not well supported today).

To access as administrator you can use the ‘admin’ user with password ‘password’.

After the first run you are ready to use it.. for example with the A.A.A.R. solution. 😉

02 Jan

Alfresco forum opens a new section dedicated to reporting and analytics

alfresco logoA new section dedicated to reporting and analytics on Alfresco has been opened in the Alfresco forum during last month. This is a request submitted from the users (bisana in particular) and accepted from the administrators (Mark Rogers in particular).

In my opinion this is a good news for the ones like me, that work specifically on that task. Last but not least, I submit to your attention the current topics of the brand new section:


14 Nov

Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting installer

Do you want try the A.A.A.R. solution but you think the installation process it’s a little bit tricky?

Are you wondering an easy wizard with a few-click process without the need of technical skills?

Do you want to see the A.A.A.R. solution immediately in action with sample data inside?

pentaho-logoStarting from now I plan to work on that task. In particular, I would like to explicitly thank Pedro Alves of the Pentaho team for the suggestions and strategy, making what is going to be, really simple to install and easy to use in few minutes of your (precious) time.


To be a little bit more clear, I’m going to release the A.A.A.R. solution in the Pentaho Marketplace with a Sparkl integration. This means that the Alfresco analytics will be available with an automatic installation procedure that will not require technical skills. Want to know more technical details? Take a look here.

In particular the process will be:
1) Install the Penthaho Suite.
2) Install A.A.A.R. from the marketplace.
3) Next, next, next… and enjoy!

Some of you are asking me about the release of the A.A.A.R. Analytics.
I plan to release it under this new installation package so, please, a little bit of patience and stay tuned. 😉

Thanks for the comprehension.