11 Dec

Uploading a mondrian schema to Pentaho using PDI

In this post is shared the solution to upload a mondrian schema to Pentaho BA Server, using the REST API through a transformation of PDI. If you take a look to this thread of the Pentaho forum, the goal seems to be a common problem so we think it could be a good idea to share the solution with the community. I hope this post will be helpful.

Development environment

The source code is developed and tested on a Windows platform and a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS platform. Pentaho BA Server and Pentaho Data Integration are both in the 5.2 version.

Use case

Starting from a file containing the mondrian schema (a XML file), our goal is to develop a PDI transformation to define a Pentaho BA Server Data Source. Of course we would like to define the data source on the mondrian schema so we would like to define a so called “Analysis Data Source”.

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