18 Jul

A.A.A.R. v4.4 with a new Data Quality dashboard

During the support activities on the A.A.A.R. solution, one of the most common request is about the success (or failure) of the extraction task from Alfresco. As a standard Business Intelligence solution, the extraction task is developed as a batch (called ETL process), in average executed during the night time.

How can you be sure that the extraction from Alfresco succeed or failed?

And how can you be sure that all the audit trail, the documents, the folders and workflow instances are correctly available into the analytic environment?

For those purpose, the brand new A.A.A.R. v4.4 release has been developed, together with some minor improvements you can fin detailed here in the change log.

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26 Apr

AAAR v4.3 release, the BeeCon release on Pentaho 6.1

BeeCon 2016After a stress test on a 2 milion documents repository, more than 6 milions of instances of custom types and aspects and 180.000 instances of workflows (everything on the same Alfresco instance). Together with two others different sources (a real Enterprise Record Management System and a ERP repository) the A.A.A.R. v4.3 has been released. This version has been tested on the brand new Pentaho 6.1 release, that comes with some relevant improvements on performance over JSON treatment and various other nice changes.

This release is dedicated to the incoming BeeCon event (to thank all of BeeGirls/BeeGuys for the support) and the Pentaho girls  and guys for the sponsorship of the event.

29 Feb

A.A.A.R. v4.2 release with custom properties extraction redesigned

aaarBye bye CMIS!

With the latest A.A.A.R. v4.2 release, the extraction jobs have been fully moved to Alfresco REST based calls, instead of using CMIS (great in principle, but slower for massive enquiries).

Another added feature is the management of the custom properties extraction, as showed as a brief presentation in the video below.


04 Nov

A.A.A.R. v4.0 major release

Some months are gone from the latest A.A.A.R. release, but this doesn’t mean that things are not going ahead. 🙂 During the past months I received some concerns about the extraction performance. Today the A.A.A.R. v4.0 is released with a couple of relevant features: the transparent authentication from Alfresco to Pentaho (using the Pentaho Transparent Authentication plugin) and the repository extraction significantly improved in performance. Read More

10 Jun

Pentaho 5.4 release with A.A.A.R. 3.1 compliance

pentaho-logo.pngToday Pedro Alves announces the first “Hitachi Data System version”, with the brand new Pentaho 5.4 Community and Enterprise Editions. Just some days later than the announcement that the Open Source heritage won’t be abandoned in the nearest future (let’s see for the far future). At the same time, A.A.A.R. 3.1 has been tested and is fully supported by this latest release of Pentaho.

So, what to say: enjoy Pentaho 5.4… together with A.A.A.R. analytics.

04 May

A.A.A.R. v3.1 with workflow analytics

Probably the last business element that A.A.A.R. didn’t have was the analytics on workflows instances and tasks. Recently I received some requests on that topic so, the A.A.A.R. v3.1 comes with the native support for workflows. Now audit trail, documents, folders, workflows and custom properties are fully supported in your custom analytics.


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13 Jan

Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting version 2.0 in Pentaho Marketplace.

AAAR_for_marketplaceThe Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting has been released with a major version 2.0. What I enjoyed most developing this brand new version is to develop directly in the new Pentaho 5 Suite, using the new Sparkl Application Builder with the support of Webdetails. About this, I would like to explicitly thank Pedro Alves (SVP of Community for Pentaho) and Pedro Vale (Product Development Leader at Webdetails).


This new release contains lot of relevant improvements (link to change log) but the most important ones are:

The recent section of the Alfresco forum about Business Reporting is a good place to receive support from all the interested people about tuning, customizations and support in general. But if you ask you what to do for the project (and for you, by consequence) take a look here.