21 Nov

The simplest Alfresco client using Material Design and Ajax

How is supposed to be the simplest client over Alfresco?

I’m quite sure the answers could vary in number depending on the framework, technology and complexity. In this post is shared an example of possible client over Alfresco REST API, assuming some involved technologies like Google Material Design and Ajax.

Curious to see the source code and cannot wait anymore?

Take a look at the simplest-alfresco-rest-client project on GitHub.

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23 May

Developing a massive deletion of a large set of nodes from Alfresco

Deleting of a large set of nodes from Alfresco is not an easy task using Alfresco Share or the repository’s API. After the probe to discover if your SolR index server is working or not, in this new project Francesco Fornasari and Cristian Tiralosi have developed another interesting stand alone application written in Java, to cover an interesting feature not easily available.

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25 Nov

How to solve the audit data explosion in the Alfresco database

It’s a long time that I have contacts from the Alfresco community with a similar question like the one described below.

After some time the audit trail is enabled in my Alfresco instance, the database dimension explodes. Is the audit trail connected in some way with the data explosion? How can I solve it?

Most of the times this question is connected to the A.A.A.R. analytics that is able to collect (and analyze) audit data together with repository data and workflow data. The bad news is that this issue is completely true. Of course if you request to track every action/event, you cannot avoid to store a lot amount of data. The good news is that there are some ways to solve this problem, directly with the bundled services in Alfresco.

In this post I would like to share a way to solve the problem, deleting the “old” actions audited in a very simple manner. Read More

11 Dec

Uploading a mondrian schema to Pentaho using PDI

In this post is shared the solution to upload a mondrian schema to Pentaho BA Server, using the REST API through a transformation of PDI. If you take a look to this thread of the Pentaho forum, the goal seems to be a common problem so we think it could be a good idea to share the solution with the community. I hope this post will be helpful.

Development environment

The source code is developed and tested on a Windows platform and a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS platform. Pentaho BA Server and Pentaho Data Integration are both in the 5.2 version.

Use case

Starting from a file containing the mondrian schema (a XML file), our goal is to develop a PDI transformation to define a Pentaho BA Server Data Source. Of course we would like to define the data source on the mondrian schema so we would like to define a so called “Analysis Data Source”.

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